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Zodiac's Herald

  • Decans and How They Help Define You As The (Insert sign here) That You Are.

    ...better known as multiple personality disorder to describe it. Sagittarius is Janet. Janet has a 3 personality DID. 3 times a year one of the personalities takes control of Janet...
  • Ascendant/Rising Sign - The Icing on the Cake

    ...and the chocolate glaze is your ascendant sign. What is a Boston Cream Pie without the chocolate glaze? Just an oversized Twinkie...
  • Moon Signs And Their Importance To You

    Understanding your moon sign is a powerful away to achieving self happiness. You will know you like you never have known anyone else before.
  • What "What's Your Sign?" Means

    "Hey cutie! What's your sign?" is how they go for the hook but you're not ready to jump on the line quite yet. You raise your hand to them and ask "which sign do you want to know?"